About Hanowa

Trademarks: SWISS MILITARY HANOWA registered in many countries world wide. Sports watches for young fashion-conscious people

HANOWA very fashionable, well-priced watches

Our History:
Hans Noll arrives in Biel, Switzerland, to take over the European sales management for a mid-sized watch factory.

Hans leaves the group with aspirations to establish his own watch-making company with his wife, Elisabeth Noll. Without the resources to purchase an established brand, HANOWA is launched, created from the letters in Hans Noll Watches.

The brand establishes a reputation for exceptional watch making, including ring watches, pendant watches, clip watches and more.

The precision and skill of Hanowa leads to a focus on the production of sports, performance and lifestyle watches. Out of this, the Swiss Military brand is born.

Hanowa celebrates its 45th Anniversary.

SWISS MILITARY HANOWA proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary. Today, Swiss Military Hanowa is a well established Swiss watch brand with global recognition and available in more than 72 countries. The watches produced based on the brands great expertise in the field of sports, performance and lifestyle, appeal to consumers across generations, who appreciate and value Swiss quality at a very competitive and reasonable price.

Swiss Military Hanowa is officially licensed by the Swiss Confederation. This significant milestone is honouring the high standards of quality upheld by the brand and already represented by the Swiss cross in the logo and will considerably contribute to reinforce the brand power.



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